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The European Master’s programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) responds to the increasing need to better understand the socio-economic and environmental effects of public policies targeted at the global agricultural and food sector and the rural environment. It provides you with high quality education in designing and assessing these policies and prepares you for a professional, international and world-changing career within the field. The programme is policy oriented, focused on economic analysis, but with a strong multidisciplinary component.

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  • 2018 Calabria Summer School
  • 2018 Calabria Summer School
  • 2017 Barcelona Summer School
  • 2016 Spring UCL Field Trip
  • 2015 Graduation Ceremony
  • 2015 Barcelona Summer School
  • 2015 Barcelona Summer School
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Do you want to become a world-changer? Apply today!
The AFEPA Master’s programme offers a two-year academic curriculum, specialized in theoretical, methodological and empirical courses in economics and quantitative methods, with a vast range of specializations within the fields of policy, rural development, agribusiness, marketing and market analysis, all concerning the interactions between agriculture, policy and the environment. This curriculum give students a broad expertise and the possibility to study at several widely recognized universities.

The AFEPA experience gives you:

  • A diverse and high quality Master’s education with great career opportunities
  • An international experience in a world-wide network and good preparation for a global job market.
  • A double Master’s degree from two renowned European universities

Career Opportunities
Master’s degree graduates of the AFEPA programme have a qualified understanding of public policies oriented to the agricultural and food sector, rural areas and natural resources. They are competent to develop and use quantitative methods to perform rigorous socio-economic and environmental assessment of these policies, and relevant policy recommendations for a more sustainable development of this sector. Graduates are well equipped to take responsibilities in international, national and regional agencies, non-governmental organizations, consultancy firms, professional organizations and private companies.

Partner Universities

The AFEPA progamme is jointly organised by four European main partner universities and four associated partners. The AFEPA partner universities are recognized worldwide for the quality of their educational programme and scientific achievements in agricultural, environmental and economic sciences.

The AFEPA main partner universities are:

The associated AFEPA partner universities are:

During their studies for the AFEPA Master’s degree students are required to be associated with at least two of the four main partner universities involved in the programme. This gives students from Europe and from the rest of the world the opportunity to establish a rich professional and academic network involving fellow students and teachers associated with the programme. In this and other ways the programme assists students to obtain access to universities in Europe and beyond in the pursuit of further academic qualifications to undertake agricultural, food and environmental policy analysis.

International network for a global career and friends for life
One of the popular features of the AFEPA program is the yearly summer school at one of the partner universities. This is an opportunity for students from all over the world to share experiences, make friends and grow a professional network (click here for a video of a past AFEPA summer school 2017 in Bareclona produced by the AFEPA students).

Apply for the AFEPA Master’s programme now – The application platform is open between October 1st, 2018 and January 31st, 2019. Check the admission criteria for the AFEPA Master’s programme to find out if you are eligible and qualified for the AFEPA Master’s programme. Scholarships for students and scholars are again available from the prestigious Erasmus Mundus study programme of the European Commission.

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