Welcome to the AFEPA programme

The European Master’s programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) responds to the increasing need to better understand the socio-economic and environmental effects of agricultural, food and environmental policies. It provides you with high quality education in their design and assessment. The programme is policy oriented and focuses on economic analysis which prepares you for a professional, international and world-changing career.

  • 2020 remote Summer School
  • 2019 Uppsala Summer School
  • 2018 Calabria Summer School
  • 2018 Calabria Summer School
  • 2017 Barcelona Summer School
  • 2016 Spring UCL Field Trip
  • 2015 Barcelona Summer School
  • 2015 Barcelona Summer School
2020 remote Summer School1 2019 Uppsala Summer School2 2018 Calabria Summer School3 2018 Calabria Summer School4 2017 Barcelona Summer School5 2016 Spring UCL Field Trip6 2015 Barcelona Summer School7 2015 Barcelona Summer School8

AFEPA in a nutshell

  • Two-year Double degree programme involving four renowned European Universities
  • Specializations in agri-food and trade policy, environmental and natural resource policy, agribusiness and market analysis, market and consumer research, or development policy
  • Yearly Summer School including field trips and social events
  • International experience in a world-wide network and great career opportunities

The AFEPA experience gives you:

  • A diverse and high quality Master’s education with great career opportunities
  • An international experience in a world-wide network and good preparation for a global job market
  • A double Master’s degree from two renowned European universities

Apply for the AFEPA Master’s programme now – Please follow the application procedure instructions and first check the admission criteria to see if it is the right programme for you. Scholarships for students and scholars are available from the prestigious Erasmus Mundus study programme of the European Commission.

Partner Universities

The AFEPA main partner universities are:

The associated AFEPA partner universities are:

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