Internship Opportunities at OECD for AFEPA students

OECD‘s Trade and Markets Division of the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (TAD/ATM) is looking for AFEPA students to do an internship during 2-3 months on the following topis:

-Long term modelling, including greenhouse gas
-Biofuels modelling
-Analysis on food systems, including competition and price transmission
-Reforms in China
-Econometric projections on overweight and obesity (this last internship topic is for a period of four to six months starting in the summer of 2018).
Monthly stipends of about €500 are possible.

If interested contact Prof. Bruno Henry de Frahan (at Université catholique de Louvain)
or Prof. Thomas Heckelei (at University of Bonn). No need to contact OECD directly.