OECD Internship Report by Afepian

Martin Gutierrez (2017-19 Afepian) just completed his internship at the OECD in Paris.
Here is his report:

“As a first-year AFEPA student, I took the opportunity to do an internship at the Trade and Agriculture Directorate at the OECD during the summer between my first and second year in the proramme (only interrupted by the AFEPA summer school in Calabria). My time at OECD has been 3 months of enriching academic and professional experience, surrounded by highly capable senior agricultural policy analysts from several parts of the world. I mainly worked on an interesting research topic: the market transparency in the agri-food chain. However, there are many other topics in OECD’s Agriculture Directorate for students with different interests.

I strongly recommend  for AFEPA students to take advantage of this important connection between the AFEPA consortium and the OECD (an associated partners of the AFEPA consortium) and apply for an internship in this prestigious institution.  It is a great opportunity to collaborate in the “design of better policies for better lives” using our acquired knowledge in the AFEPA master program.

Martin Gutierrez
September, 2018″