Tribute to Yves Surry

We are very sad about the passing of Yves Surry (March 6th, 2021), a ‘founding father’ of the AFEPA programme. Many AFEPIANs have benefited from his teaching and advice, which inspired them to excel in economic thinking and methodological applications. We will always remember Yves as the generous, brilliant, positive, inquisitive, selfless, and giving person that he was. He will be sorely missed.

Those who wish to share a testimonial or recognition can send it to to then be published on the Afepa website.

Who wishes is welcome to contribute to a memory book at SLU:

T.B. Woldeyohanes, a former AFEPA student: “I am deeply saddened by the news about the passing of Yves Surry. He was such a prolific thinker, generous with ideas and charismatic. I benefited a great deal from Professor Yves since I met him in the summer of 2012 as an AFEPA student at SLU University. He was a blessing for us, AFEPA students. I will always remember his modesty, generosity and professionalism. Rest In Peace, Yves!”

A. Čapkovičová, a former AFEPA student: “Yves was and will ever be one of those teachers that I will never forget, always caring, supporting, patient, listening… Last time that we met, we had a dinner together in Uppsala, talking about life, my career, memories of AFEPA. It was him who told me to register for an EU job and made me believe that I can do it. And he knew that I succeeded. I would have told him more… If it’s not too late now. From now on, I will try to remember it all for once when we meet again to catch up. Yves, it was a pleasure! Merci beaucoup et au revoir.”