Academic Calendar

The AFEPA academic year generally lasts from September 1 of a typical year until August 31 of the following year, but varies according to the academic calendar of the individual partner university.  Students should arrive a few weeks before the start of the academic year applicable for his or her first year university to participate in orientation sessions, complete administrative obligations (e.g., registration, insurance, rental contract, residence permit) and get acclimatized to the new environments before the academic year starts.

Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (click on the university abbreviation for a direct link to a university’s academic calendar)

First semester:
Arrival date*
Sep 12
Aug 21
Oct 4
Sep 11
Start date
Sep 18
Aug 28
Oct 8
Sep 17
End date
Dec 22
Jan 14
Feb 1
Dec 21
Exam period
Jan 4-26
Re-exam period
Second semester:
Start date
Feb 19
Jan 15
Apr 1
Feb 1
End date
June 1
June 6
July 12
May 18
Exam period
** **
June 3-
June 29
Re-exam period
Aug 16-
Sep 5
Summer School
 July/Aug 2019 July/Aug 2019  July/Aug 2019 July/Aug 2019

*suggested arrival dates with sufficient time for acclimatization, language classes, adminstrative aspects before the start of the semester
**: the exams follow immediately at the end of a study module.