Starting with the 2018/19 edition, AFEPA Master’s students have the possibility to earn 6 to 15 ECTS credits for an approved internship during their second year of study. If appropriate, the internship could also be developed in a Master’s thesis subject to consultation with the main Master’s thesis supervisor of the student.

Associated non-academic partners

Several of the AFEPA associated non-academic partners offer internship opportunities for currently registered AFEPA students. The table below provides an overview of the AFEPA-related themes covered by these AFEPA associated public and private partner institutions as well as their location.


Some of these institutions may add a monthly stipend for covering local expenses to the Erasmus+ scholarship that is available when the internship is conducted in an EU country different from the student’s home university. The local Erasmus+ coordinator can give more detailed information about the availability and coverage of those Erasmus+ scholarships for internships.


If interested in an internship at one of these associated partner institutions, please contact first your respective academic supervisor or local AFEPA coordinator where you attend your academic programme about their availability. Some of these partner institutions request that the AFEPA consortium pre-selects candidates for internships.

AFEPA students may also propose an internship at other public or private institutions. Any internship has to be authorized by their respective academic supervisor or local AFEPA coordinator and be formalized through an internship agreement. At the end of the internship, the AFEPA student submits a 20-pages report to the internship supervisor and academic supervisor.