Field Trips

The AFEPA programme organizes Field Trips on a regular basis. Some of these field trips are organized by only one university, others are a joint effort of two universities (usually UBonn and UCL due to their geographic proximity) and still others are part of the summer school every year.

YearPartners involvedField Trip
2018 Spring
UCLouvain, UBonnHaute Fagne National Park Belgium,
City of Monschau,
Felsenkeller Brewery Museum Monschau
2017 SpringUBonnDairy Farm near Aachen,
Cathedral Aachen, Printen Bakery
2016 SummerUCLouvainBelOrta Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaler,
Distribution Center Delhaize,
Atomium, Cantillon Brewery
2015 FallUCLouvainDairy Farm, Bouillon, Brewery
2015 SummerUPCNational Park, Dairy Farm
2014 SummerUBonnFarms
2014 SpringUCLouvainAnwerp Port, Printing Museum, Brewery
2013 FallUCLouvainSugar Refinery, Namur Citadel, Brewery
2013 SummerBudapest UniversityFarms
2013UCLouvainDairy Farm
2012 FallUCLouvain, UBonnHaute Fagne National Park Belgium
2012 SummerSLUFarms
2012 SpringUCLouvainCaves, Snail Farm, Rail Bike
2011 SummerUCLouvainDairy Farm
2011 SummerUCLouvainEuropean Commission