MSC Theses

AFEPA students have to write a final thesis, which should be supervised and accepted by min. one fulltime professor. The thesis is usually supervised by two persons one at the first-year university and one at the second-year university. Generally, regulations (e.g. formal aspects, number of hard and soft copies, deadlines) of the second-year university apply for handing in the thesis.

Bodensiek Arenas Andrés HernandoThe impact of agricultural credit on farm level technology adoption:The case of cocoa production in post-conflict Colombia2020
Gondos Claudia StefaniaReducing greenhouse gas emissions of German animal farming through a combined intervention on domestic meat consumption and production2020
Dugo AlvisePractice round data in policy-oriented real effort task experiments2020
Eshete Selam AssefaAgricultural Commercialization of Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia: Determinants and Impact on Food Security2020
Espey AmeliaDemand for Consumer Food Waste: A UK Case Study with “Pseudo-Panel” Approach2020
Dahlvik Mikael Bror EmilAssessing Agri-Environmental Schemes and Eco-Efficiency in European Viticulture- A Study Using DEA and MatchingMethods2020
Franzen Kirsten Modeling Land Use Change in Brazil as a Response to Trade War Stocks2020
Kalkum MiriamThe Impact of Trans-Frontier Conservation on the Livelihood Strategies of Local Households in the Kavango-Zambezi TFCA2020
Schmidt Caroline EliseNitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) in German Agriculture2020
Storkamp FredericAnalysis of Automated Monitoring for Results-Based Agri-Environmental Schemes – A Case Study in Baden-Württemberg2020
Geibel InnaLess plastic more taste? - Estimating How Consumer Demand for Soda Reacts to a Greening in Packaging2019
Gutierrez Gomez MartinForecasting Corn Future Prices2019
Lopez Perez GemaImpact Assesment of Bilateral Trade Policies between Ecuador and the EU under Shared Socioeconomic Pathways2019
Verza MartaEffect of information on consumers' acceptance of in vitro meat: evidence from Czech Republic2019
Barake EvelynFood waste in Equilibrium: A model for the role of contract farming and strategic behaviour2018
Riemer Olivia E.Social Capital as a Determinant of Farm-level Sustainable Land Management Adoption - A case study of smallholder farmers in northern Benin -2018
Fatema KanijBargaining Power of Women in Intra-household Decision Making and their Participation in Farm and Non-farm Activities: Evidence from Bangladesh2017
Kamin DavidAn Analysis of the EU_Canada Free Trade Agreement (CETA): An extension to the GTAP Model with Detail at the tariff line level2017
Landazuri Benitez Joaquin EstebanTrade Liberalization in the Ecuador-EU Comprehensive Trade Agreement and its Impact on Agri-Food Sector in Ecuador2017
Afrin JisanRole of Microcredits in the women Empowerment of Bangladesh2016
Bekele Shone HailemichaelThe distributive impacts of fertilizer subsidies and investments which reduce transaction costs - A computable General Equilibrium analysis for Ethiopia2016
Chudler Nadav DavidBig government and your Big Mac : Analyzing the impact of corn and soybean subsidies on US meat markets2016
Dahlkvist EmmaElasticity of demand for gasoline in Sweden2016
Dogbe WisdomCarbon Tax and Food Demand in Spain2016
Edwards BrookeAccount and assessment of the emerging Sino-Australian beef and cattle trade: industry and policy implications for Australia2016
Gileva KaterinaEstimating Social Preferences for Forest Goods and Services in Catalonia, Spain2016
Gorodetska KseniiaBehavioral aspects of precision agriculture technologies adoption in Ukraine2016
Hmada YaraConsumer's Revealed Preferences for Dairy Alternative Drinks in Catalonia: A Multinomial Logit Approach2016
Robling HelenaThe Impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on Agri-food Trade and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU - An Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis2016
Rodrigues VirginiaThe impact of coffee certification on the sustainable use of a rainforest - A theoretical model based on a certification scheme from the Bonga region, Ethiopia2016
Tuyishime CarineAssessing the efficiency of an input subsidy in raising incomes and welfare for smallholder agricultural households in Rwanda2016
Wang JingruThe Influence of GMO Debate on China's Soybean Futures Market2016
Ahwireng Anderson KwasiContribution of Agriculture to Economic Development and Impact of Agricultural Policy in Ghana2015
Altamirano IvonneEconomic Impact Analysis of the EU-CA FTA on CA2015
Eggemann LeaThe economic impact of wolves on the moose harvest in Sweden2015
Fitriah Arrisandi Dwi The Transmission of Fuel Subsidies Down the Agricultural Value Chain2015
Gebrekidan Bisrat HaileEconomy wide and poverty effects of external energy price shocks in Ethiopia: A CGE microsimulation approach2015
Haddad SalwaPotential economic impact of the EU-Tunisia DCFTA and its implications on the Tunisian intra-regional trade with MENA region2015
Kozlenko IgorAnalysis of profit persistence in the Spanish Food Industry2015
Larvoe Noah KofiIntegration assessment of regional yam markets in Ghana: a spatial price analysis2015
Strezoska ZoricaCompetitiveness of Agro-Food Trade of Balkan countries in the World market2015
Sun MiaoInequitable rent generation for renewable electricity producers in elcertifikatsystemet2015
Suveg MelindaSubsistence and Semi-Subsistence Farms in Hungary - Role, Determinants and Directions2015
Swartz ElanThe effect of integrated conservation and development programs in protected areas on human wellbeing: an empirical analysis of Brazil’s bolsa floresta programme2015
Uzoamaka Joe-NkamukeWho is working with whom: co-authorship and co-citation networks in agricultural economics literature on central and eastern Europe2015
Abebe Getahun GemechuOff-farm income and technical efficiency of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia : a stochastic frontier analysis2014
Apedo Clever KwasiPost partial liberalization assessment of Ghana's cocoa sector2014
Dembrovski SandorThe effect of the EU accession on the Hungarian beef sector: a price transmission analysis2014
Freixa Serra EsterModelling Farmers’ Risk Attitudes in the Context of the Single Payment Scheme in Catalunya2014
Grabs JaninaThe rebound effects of switching to vegetarianism: a microeconomic analysis of Swedish consumption behavior.2014
Khalfaoui MaryemBioeconomic model to optimize water use: A study case of Segarra-Garrigues channel in Catalonia2014
Lorenz Bettina Anne-SophieRegion of Origin Labelling for Food Products from NRW - Relevance for Consumers2014
Marton Tibor AndrásImpact of Industrial Processing on Hungarian Agro-Export Trade - Gravity Model Approach2014
Rusetska UlianaHow could agricultural trade between Ukraine and the EU benefit from institutional harmonization?: a regression discontinuity approach2014
Thi Phuong Dung LeAssessment of household vulnerability to flood risk: a case study in Nghe An Province, Vietnam2014
Van Burck CaraUnderstanding the changing structure, trading motives, and strategies of participants in the commodity derivative market2014
Varbanova MonikaSocioeconomic and demographic factors influencing the choice of brand. Assessing consumers' reactions to price promotions of national brands vs. privat labels in the Spanish food sector. Binary logit and multinominal logit approach2014
Woldeyohanes Tesfaye Berhanu Off-farm Income and Smallholder Commercialization: Evidence from Ethiopian Rural Household Panel Data2013
Alemnesh Angelo AdamuThe implication of economic partnership agreement for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific groups2013
Boansi DavidRice production in Ghana: past, present and future. ‘Driving forces and required actions’2013
Borge del Rey LauraAnalysis of farm household incomes in OECD countries2013
Do Kim ThanhSensitivity Analysis of Cotton Trade Liberalization: A Global Simulation Model Approach2013
Fule Bemieh ChiSmall-scale versus large-scale cocoa farming in Cameroon : which farm type is more ready for the future?2013
Hasan Mohammad MonirulDeterminants of the Food Consumption Vulnerability of the Extreme Poor- Empirical Evidence from Southern Bangladesh2013
Kyriakopoulos EliasConsumers' perceptions and attitudes towards biodiesel: A case study in Catalonia (Spain)2013
Merriman Nicholas MacySpeculation in agricultural commodities: impacts on low-frequency volatility2013
Meza Gonzales Ana ElenaComparative analysis of food and nutrients demand in the context of the conditional cash transfer program Oportunidades in Mexico2013
Rmus MilenaConsumer preferences towards biodiesel in Spain: A Choice Experiment Approach2013
Torres Neira Johanna AndreaSustainable use of open access resources in Lake Tota, Colombia2013
Trieb Johanna ElenaIs food innovation profitable? A case study for yogurt and milk in Spain2013
Urbanczyk KatarzynaOpen innovation in the food and drink industry2013
Wang QiIntertemporal land allocation decision under uncertainty and hyperbolic discounting2013
Weinbrenner TimoThe Impact of the Eastern European Enlargement on the Prosperity of the Old Member States’ Agricultural Export Sectors2013
Wu Rouchen RossenAnalyzing and testing the structure of China’s imports for cotton: a bayesian system approach2013
Zheng XianWhy rural households choose not participate in the open and optional village development fund in the poverty stricken areas of China2013
Ankamah-Yeboah IsaacSpatial Price Transmission in the Regional Maize Market in Ghana2012
Assefa Dawit ZerihumVulnerability of farmers in Ethiopia2012
Awopeju Samson OluwatobiDeterminants of Poverty Status Among Households in Nigeria2012
Borromeo Miguel Roberto VivarRemittances and the EducationalAttainment of Children in the Philippines2012
Dayarska TsvetozaraThe impact of EU accession on Bulgarian agricultural trade (1999–2010)2012
Li LiuLand acquisition in Africa for agricultural purposes : the case of sugar cane plantation and sugar mill in Ethiopia2012
Mohammed MahumdPilot food sovereignty index and policy recommendation to alleviate poverty, hunger and mal nutrition in the horn of Africa2012
Otoo Emmanuel AsaneInternational integration and threshold adjustment in the Burkinabe cereal market2012
Sartas MuratAn Effective Policy Design and Implementation Framework for Better Utilization of Indigenous Plants .The cases of South Africa and Other Sub Saharan African Countries2012
Usman Muhammed AbdellaHydro politics and interprovincial relations in Pakistan : a case study of the Kalabagh Dam controversy2012