The research activities of SLU’s Agricultural and Food Economics unit in the department concern assessment of agricultural and trade policies, modeling of agri-food markets and studies of agricultural, – resource- and environmental related issues by application of econometric tools and methods. Another important field is supply chain analysis of the food marketing chain accounting for quality and safety standards where analyses are both theoretical and empirical using primarily econometric methods.
The unit of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics has interest and focus on research relevant for environmental policy. Some particular areas are: effects of policy instruments on carbon emission in a long term perspective; expected developments in non-renewable resource prices; bio-energy and climate change; compliance with environmental regulations and design of environmental policies.

Faculty members and their specialization in the different sub-fields relevant for the programme

Faculty Member Specialization
Prof. K. Karantininis Agri-food value chains and cooperatives
Prof. H. Hansson Production economics
Prof. Y. Surry agricultural and trade policy analysis with emphasis in applied econometric methods and general equilibrium modelling
Dr. K. Elofsson agricultural and environmental policy analysis

Prof. Kostas Karantininis is full Professor of agri-food value chains and Cooperatives. His research interests are in applied microeconomics, industrial organization and institutional economics. His research presently focuses on the economics of agri-food industries in developed and developing countries.

Prof. Helena Hansson is full Professor in agricultural and food economics. Her research interests focus on farm management, farmer-decision making and the economics of strategic choices, and production economic analyses related to the efficiency of farm production. She extensively works with interdisciplinary approaches where behavioral models are used to explain decision-making, economic behavior and economic performance.

Prof. Yves Surry has extensive research experience in the modeling of agri-food sectors, as well as in applied econometrics and the evaluation of agricultural and trade policies. He is also engaged in input-output modelling.

Dr. Katarina Elofsson is Associate Professor in environmental economics. Her research deals with environmental policy, such as policies for water quality management, biodiversity and wildlife management, carbon sequestration and climate policy, and multilevel governance in environmental policy