Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

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Please see below for a list of the main faculty member involved and their specialisation in the different sub-fields relevant for the programme:

Faculty Member Specialization
Prof. M. Hartmann agricultural and food market and policy analysis
Prof. T. Heckelei agricultural and food policy analysis with emphasis in micro-econometrics
PD. W. Britz economic modelling of agricultural systems

Prof. Monika Hartmann is full Professor in agricultural and food market research. Her research interests are in information and communication in the food sector, food demand and consumer protection policies, ethical consumption, corporate social responsibility and competitiveness of the food sector.

Prof. Thomas Heckelei is full Professor in economic and agricultural policy. His research interests are in economic analyses of agricultural and environmental policies with specific emphasis on quantitative analysis.

PD. Wolfgang Britz is a tenured Researcher and Lecturer leading the working group “Economic modelling of agricultural systems”. His research focuses on the impacts of agricultural, environmental and trade policies on the agricultural sector, the environment and rural areas.