Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)

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Please see below for a list of the main faculty member involved and their specialisation in the different sub-fields relevant for the programme:

Specialisation and expertise of the faculty members at UCLouvain cover agricultural and trade policy, environmental and development economics, and both theoretical and empirical economic modelling. Specialisation and expertise of the faculty members in the different sub-fields relevant for the programme are listed in the following table.

Faculty Member Specialisation
Prof. F.  Gaspart environmental and development economics with a theoretical focus
Prof. B. Henry de Frahan agricultural and trade policy, economic modelling, micro-simulations
Dr. I. Adant development economics and environmental economics

Prof. Frédéric Gaspart is Professor of game theory, development economics and environmental economics. His research interests encompass social choice theory, the economics of the informal sector and institutional economics.

Prof. Bruno Henry de Frahan is Professor of agricultural economics and policy. His research activities focus on developing bio-economic models for evaluating agricultural, environmental and trade policies.

Dr. Ignace Adant is leading and coordinating several research related to economics of natural resources (water industry and extractive industry), to the circular economy (plastic, metals and critical raw material recycling) and to freight transport.