2015 Barcelona

The 2015 AFEPA Summer School will take place in Barcelona from July 27th to August 07 2015.

Programme: Please find under this link the programme for the 2015 summer school.
You can find the thesis presentation schedule here and the completed a preliminary drafts of the individual Master’s theses here.Under the following link you find the information necessary for the workshop taught in the second week by Slim Zekri.

Housing: Locate on the UPC campus, click here for more information.There will be two students per room. Click here for the room distribution (always two students per room).

You should arrive on Saturdy July 25 or Sunday August 6th. If you decide to come earlier, please note that you cannot yet move into the student housing that we have reserved for you and you would have to cover the extra nights at your own expense and at a hotel or youth hostel.

The first week of the summer school will be devoted to the presentations of the Masters thesis proposals (first year students) and Master thesis defenses (second year students), see below for more information, followed by the alumni event on the Friday of the first week. There will be a coulple of invited speakers for that event plus of course the alumni presentations. You have seen the competition on the internet: Alumni will give presentations about their post-AFEPA activities. It will be a great time to do a bit of net-working and to get some confirmation that “there is life after AFEPA”.
We will likely have an excursion/field trip on the Saturday of the first week.
The second week of the summer school will consist of the workshop. The topic of the workshop will be announced later, but it will take place from Monday through Wednesday or Thursday morning, followed by a exam (yes, there will be an exam, as you will also received academic credit for your participation in the summer school) and the regular evaluation of both the programme and the summer school. On Friday then, the summer school will close with the graduation ceremony.

Please note that the AFEPA programme will pay for the accomodation during the summer school and the social events (field trip, bbq, etc). However, we expect you to cover your travel to the summer school and your meals during it. The university cafeteria will still be open during the first week of the summer school, so meals will be pretty affordable and Jose Gil, the coordinator at UPC, is organizing a special lunch option for the second week. There may be kitchen facilities in the place where we will stay, but I am not sure at this point on any specifics. We will send you a more specific update soon.

Master thesis defense and proposal sessions:
For first-year students: you will be expected to present in a 5-10 minutes power point presentation the idea of the research you would like to pursue for your Master’s thesis.
Your presentation will be followed by a 15-20 minutes discussion of all students and faculty present.  This is a good occasion to receive feedback on your idea and you should come prepared to actively participate in this brainstorming session. This means that this session should not be the first time you think about a possible topic, but you should already come with certain avenues you would like to pursue and that you would like to receive feedback on.
For second year students: you will be expected to defend your Master’s thesis. Note that there may be a separate defense or other event you may have to do at your second year university (depending on where you are), but for most students, the grade obtained for the defense at the summer school  will flow into the grade you will receive for your master’s thesis at your second year university. You should therefore become prepared to give a 15-20 minute presentation on your thesis. Following your presentation, the academic faculty in the room will pose you questions about your work for up to 30-40 minutes. At the 2014 summer school in Bonn you witnessed the thesis defense sessions for the students graduating in 2014 and you therefore know what to expect. Note that you will also have to briefly (5min) the master thesis and presentation of another graduating student.