UPC courses 2017/18

The table below shows the courses offered at UPC during the 2017/18 academic year. Generally, the courses offered change relatively little from one year to the next, but please check regularly for updates as some modifications may occur.

Academic Programme – UPC Code Language ECTS Semestera
2.1. Environmental and Natural Resource Policy     10  
Sustainability of the Agrofood Sector SOSAGR English 5 1
Environmental Management and Socio-Economic Valuation of the Environment GAVSMA English 5 2
2.2. Agribusiness Management and Market Analysis     10  
Economics of Agricultural Markets EMAA English 5 1
Environmental and Ecological Economics GSEA English/Spanish 5 1
2.3. Agricultural and Food Sciences     5  
Publicación de Resultados Experimentales PURES English/Spanish 5 1
  1. Supplementary Courses for 15 ECTS:
Català LC Catalan 2,5 1 & 2