Field Experiments to Inform Policy and Programs in Development Economics
by Professor Nicholas Magnan from the University of Georgia, USA
LLN, July 19-July 23, 2016

Find below the syllabus as well as some reading material for the workshop:

AFEPA Summer Workshop Syllabus

Reading material:
Topic 1:
Cardenas and Carpenter 2008 JDS
Lybbert et al. 2013
Tanaka et al 2010 AER

Topic 2:
Barrett and Carter 2010
Duflo et al 2007

Topic 3:
Haushofer and Shapiro 2016
Hidrobo et al 2014 JDE

Topic 4:
Cai and Song 2015
Emerick et al. 2016 AER
BenYishey and Mobark 2015

Topic 5:
Magnan et al 2015
Karlan et al 2014 QJE